Important information for applicants. Please read these notes 

carefully before completing your application

1.    To submit an application you must obtain your course or programme leader’s approval in writing on this application form. Trustees reserve the right to ask the course leader for a report on your academic progress to date, and for any other information required to fulfil their assessment.


2.    While it is important your course leader completes the endorsement section, the application must come from you, not from the educational establishment concerned.


3.    As a registered charity, we must apply due diligence to each application, so please complete each section fully, and honestly, particularly relating to your financial circumstances. It is very important that you provide the most up-to-date information about your finances and details of how you intend to fund your course. For example, are you eligible for a student loan or another grant, or have you explored other funding opportunities? Failure to provide sufficient detail may delay review of your application.

4.    Trustees expect to see not only  your personal financial information, but also, if you are living with a partner, joint income and expenditure so we have a complete picture of your overall financial situation. This will help us make a suitable bursary award. If you do not provide comprehensive information, your application will be delayed and might even be rejected. 

5.    You must provide details on any courses you have already taken and how they were funded. It will also help if you explain why you took previous courses and explain how your studies so far (if applicable) have transferred into employed work. How have you used your skills or learning so far and how do you believe a further course will enhance your skills to help your career? What is your ultimate objective? 

6.   If a bursary is granted, what amount of financial support are you looking for? How would this be spent? Do you need an award to buy books, if so, why? Can you access hard copy or electronic copy already? Would an online subscription help your studies? 

7.    Support from the Educational Trust is not intended to fully fund a course; merely to provide additional individual support. Information on your intended method of overall funding must be provided.

8.    Bursaries are not intended to fund a continuing course of studies, but they can be used to assist students where circumstances have changed once a course has begun. 

9.    Bursaries are not provided to replace a student loan for university students. 

10.  All sources of loans, financial awards or other bursaries must be declared on the bursary application form. 

11.   If a student is applying for support for a university course and has special circumstances that might warrant the awarding of a bursary, they must provide evidence of applications to other funding sources i.e. for student loans. 


12.   All applications will be considered in confidence. Trustees will look at the affordability of your course and whether you afford it. They will give you their decision in writing.

13.   Payment of any award will normally be made to the educational establishment where you are studying or, in the case of distance learning, to the head office of that organisation.

14.   If the trustees agree to pay part of the fees for any course of study, arrangements will be made with the course centre to ensure the award is used to defray the second or later part of the course fees.

15.   If you need to discontinue your course for any reason, any fees refund relating to that period will be repayable to the trust. In such an event, it is your responsibility to tell the trustees immediately.

16.   A minimum of 80% attendance of the course is required. Lack of attendance will be interpreted as an intention to disengage or discontinue, in which case you will be liable to repay the fees.  The course leader’s support of this application is taken as agreement to provide such attendance information on the educational establishment’s behalf.


17.   By accepting a bursary, you agree to assist in promoting the Educational Trust’s activities by providing reasonable testimonials, case studies and personal appearances if requested.​

18.   Funding is not available to foreign students who require a tier four (general) study visa to study in the UK

19.   Please provide a current copy of your CV with the bursary application form. It helps the trustees to make a decision. Without your CV, your application will not be considered. This can be sent as a Word document or PDF. 

Application help notes