Financial support

If you are currently studying for a recognised qualification in marketing communications either with a course centre are with a distance learning company and feel you would benefit from some financial support with your fees The Educational Trust might be able to help.


The trustees deal with each application confidentially and grants are made to offset part of the costs for an approved marketing course.


The support you kindly gave me covered my exam fees and books. I paid for my course while working full time on a minimum salary. Saving the funds for tuition was a struggle. It would have been a nightmare without the bursary. I’m extremely motivated to succeed and this course has set me apart from other applicants.

Fay Northcott

Undertaking the CAM course meant a significant commitment, financially and in terms of time and effort. My employer was very supportive but I have still had to make a considerable contribution to the costs. With a wife and two young children to support, the bursary from the Educational Trust made a huge difference and is very much appreciated.


Chris Leggett

I can’t stress enough how the grant from the Educational Trust helped me with my CAM diploma in digital marketing. It took a great weight off my shoulders allowing me to devote all my time and attention to my studies. Without it I know I would have struggled and I thank the trust for enabling me to take advantage of this opportunity.


James Parkin